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We are Fort Meyers Animal Attic, a full service wildlife removal company servicing Fort Meyers, FL. Animal problems are no laughing matter when you start to hear the small creatures scratching around in your property, which is why treat it as a matter of pride that we deal with your problem as quickly as possible. Our established animal control company has served the city for over a decade, and we are proud to have been acknowledged as the best in the metropolitan area for the last three years. Our team are on hand 24 hours a day to take your call, and we always look to get someone to visit your property within 24 hours in almost every case. Hearing rodents such as mice, rats or squirrels scratching around in the walls or in the attic is one of the most common reasons that people will give us a call to discuss their concerns. The truth is that although you may not be able to see these animals, they can actually cause a significant amount of damage in a short time in the unseen areas of your property. We use the latest techniques and equipment to deal with your animal problem and will carry out the repairs and clean any areas to ensure the safety of your home for you and your family. Call us now at 239-308-0441 for a solution to your wild animal problem.

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Our Service Range

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Fort Meyers Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Can Fort Meyer Raccoons Climb Brick Walls or Vinyl Siding?

Raccoons have successfully adapted to the urban setting. It is not uncommon to see a raccoon climbing on the walls of our houses. With their sharp claws and agile body, raccoons can pretty much climb on any surface except a sheet metal on its pristine condition and glasses. So if they want to climb our vinyl sidings and brick walls, it will be relatively easy for them to do so. Raccoons are persistent creatures. In case there are no trees that surround your house, they can use the brick walls to gain an access on our property.

What to Do In Case the Raccoon Is Climbing on Our Brick Walls?
The raccoons will only invade our property once they find it too conducive. If they have been climbing your brick walls unceasingly, then there are reasons behind this behavior. It is highly likely that they have already created a nest in our house. You need to determine the exact location of their den as an initial solution to your wildlife infestation problem.

Signs That There Are Raccoons inside Your House
In order to determine if there are raccoons dwelling inside your house, you need to look for some obvious signs. Pay attention to the loud sounds that you hear during the late evening hours. Raccoons are large creatures. The thumping sound that they create will be much discernible than the scurrying sound of the squirrels and mouse. Raccoons hate the areas with high human activities. Be sure to visit your basement, attic, garage, and porch from time to time to find some signs of raccoon infestation. If you notice urine marks and droppings, then it is time for you to take actions.

Get Rid of the Raccoons
Using repellents and killing the creature will only lead to short-term solutions. If you failed to discover the original cause of the issue then more problems will arise in the future. Start by securing your garbage cans. Your bin should have a secured lid that will prevent them from rummaging your garbage. Fix the gaps and holes that they are using as entry points to our house. Use a mesh wire when covering the gap in our attic. After installing this deterrent, you will still notice the raccoons appearing on your roof but once they realized that there are no ways to get through your attic then they will leave your property. You should never waste your hard-earned money in using unconventional solutions such as ultrasonic devices and spray repellents. Most of the time, they will not work effectively against the smart creatures such as the raccoon. Perhaps the best way to deal with the raccoons is to hire the service of the professionals. Their knowledge and experience enables them to easily identify the source of the issue. They can provide you a long-term solution that can prevent wildlife invasion in the future. They can use various techniques and equipments that have been proven effective against these nuisance creatures.