Solve the Problem - 4 How-To Steps

1 - Home & Attic Inspection

Inspect the exterior of the home, including the roof and all vents, to find out how the animals are getting in. Also inspect inside the attic to identify animal and damage.

2 - Remove the Animals

This process is not simple, and it varies considerably based on animal type and situation. You might use an exclusion door, or a cage trap, or removal by hand.

3 - Repair the Entry Holes

The job is not complete until you solve the source of the problem. Seal shut the entry holes, with professional grade repairs, or else the problem will happen again.

4 - Clean the Attic

In addition to repairing chewed electrical wires and damaged duct work, you might want to remove the animal feces, maybe the insulation, and decontaminate.

Animal problems are no laughing matter when you start to hear the small creatures scratching around in your property, which is why treat it as a matter of pride that we deal with your problem as quickly as possible. Our established animal control company has served the city for over a decade, and we are proud to have been acknowledged as the best in the metropolitan area for the last three years. Our team are on hand 24 hours a day to take your call, and we always look to get someone to visit your property within 24 hours in almost every case. Hearing rodents such as mice, rats or squirrels scratching around in the walls or in the attic is one of the most common reasons that people will give us a call to discuss their concerns. The truth is that although you may not be able to see these animals, they can actually cause a significant amount of damage in a short time in the unseen areas of your property. We use the latest techniques and equipment to deal with your animal problem and will carry out the repairs and clean any areas to ensure the safety of your home for you and your family.