Killing Fort Meyers Rats with Baking Soda

Killing Rats with Baking Soda
If rodenticide is not available and you are experiencing a severe rat infestation in your house, you are probably wondering if you can create a homemade poison to deal with these vermin. When looking for ingredients in your house that you can use to create rat poison, baking soda may not be the first thing that crosses your mind. This is due to the fact that this is an ingredient that most of us use on our cooking.

How to Use Baking Soda to Kill Rats
Baking soda is a versatile ingredient. We can use it for disinfecting our bathroom and cleaning our kitchen surface. It also has the power to eliminate the stains on the carpets. However, unknown to most of us, this can also be used as an ingredient in creating a potent rat poison. Here’s how.

Prepare the Things That You Will Need
Before we proceed, you should start by gathering all the ingredients needed in concocting a rodenticide. You will most need sugar, flour, water and of course the baking soda. Once the rat ingested the baking soda, it will produce a considerable amount of gas that can be deadly to the rat. This is due to the fact that rodents do not have the ability to expel gasses that are trapped in their stomach. Once the gas in their stomach increased to the level beyond their capacity, they will surely die. The other ingredients that we mentioned would be necessary to convert the baking soda into something more palatable. The ratio should be 1:1:1 while the amount of water that you will add will depend upon your preference. Mix the Ingredients
Be sure that you are wearing a pair of gloves when you are mixing the ingredients. Measure the dry ingredients appropriately when making the rodenticide. Remember that the mixture of dry ingredients would be enough to deal with the rat infestation. You may even leave it close to the den of the rat if you don’t prefer to add water. In case you are adding milk or water, you should avoid making the mixture too runny. There should only be enough water that allows you to form the mixture into dough. The ball should be enough to fit in the nesting areas of the rat.

Placing the Homemade Poison
In order for the poison to work, proper placement of the baking soda would be necessary. Place it in the area that receives a high amount of rat traffic. You may place this near their den or within their path. It would also be better if you put it on the dark areas that allow them to chow down on it undisturbed. When making a rat poison using baking soda, remember that it will not kill the rat instantly. The poor creature will suffer for days before you finally see a dead rat in your area. In some instances, the remains of the rat will be found in the obscure areas of our house which make it difficult to remove them. This will lead to another issue. A humane removal method by the wildlife removal company would be a better solution.

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