What Are the Common Problems that Fort Meyers Skunks Cause?

Skunks do not have that aggressive nature that we often see on wildlife creatures. Nonetheless, we often pray that we won’t encounter them while we are jogging. While they are fairly harmless, they can still cause common problems to the humans. They can unintentionally damage our crops while digging grubs and insects on our lawns. They can also pose a threat to our pets. This is why it is necessary to know a sufficient amount of information about this creature especially if you live in the area where skunks are roaming around.

List of Problems Related to Skunk Invasion
Skunks have been misrepresented by the mainstream media numerous times. They have been depicted negatively due to the malodorous scent of their spray. However, this creature is actually laid back and docile. Skunks only have a limited amount of this spray and they will not use it as long as they are not coerced. Normally they give you a warning sign us stomping their feet and grant you enough time to back off. Nonetheless, they can still cause different problems once they enter our yard.

The spray is definitely one of our concerns when a skunk invaded our property. Once they felt threatened, they will release a spray that emanates an unbearable scent. Our pets are the most common victim of their spray since they will normally chase the skunk away. The smell of their spray will linger for an extended amount of time. When you have a skunk in your property, you will smell the scent penetrating through your windows.

Lawn and Property Damage
Skunks are persistent diggers. They love to eat insects and grubs that are buried deep in the ground. While they are digging for their foods, they can accidentally destroy the roots of the trees and plants that may lead to the plant’s demise. Their skills in digging can destroy our well-maintained lawn in a short amount of time. Apart from the damages in our lawn they can also cause structural damage on our house. They will unconsciously chew on the woods and the sidings of our house in order to create a burrow. A skunk creating a burrow in the wild is perfectly normal. However, if the skunk finds our property too comfortable, they will decide to stay in our property. They can create burrows under our porches and can affect the foundation of our house.

Health Issues
With regards to the health risks, skunks are possible carriers of disease and rabies that can be transmitted to other animals and humans. It is quite difficult to determine if the skunk is a possible carrier of rabies. It might be best to avoid contact with the skunk to stay away from the dangers of rabies. While it is not common for the skunk to attack humans, you still need to be cautious when dealing with them due to the problems that they can cause. If you have a wildlife infestation, report it to the professionals and try to stay away from their food source and den.

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